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HTTPS – SSL Certificates

The sites we visit most every day are secured by SSL Certificates (Facebook, Twitter, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, amazon, etc.). Google is pushing for websites to be more secure. They take into account whether a site has an SSL Certificate when determining where a site ranks in Google search results and is going out of their way to point out to site visitors when a site is not secure.

What is an SSL Certificate? In a nutshell, HTTPS is a secure (encrypted) connection, whereas HTTP is unsecure. With a standard HTTP connection, it is possible for unauthorized parties to observe the conversation between you the visitor’s device and the site.


In Chrome, sites with SSL Certificates (https) appear like this:

In Chrome, sites without SSL Certificates (non-https) appear like this:

By now, I’m sure you realize that having an SSL Certificate makes your site more Trustworthy. Everybody knows that it will help you get more exposure in Google search results as well.

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